CO2 Emergency Slide

In the event of a switchboard emergency through electrical failure, the Viewsafe CO2 Emergency Maintenance Slides are the ideal solution for reducing the damage to equipment and surrounding areas, whilst ensuring operator safety.

In the worst-case scenario where an electrical fire ensues from failure, the task of extinguishing the fire before substantial damage and potential injuries has occurred is a pressing one. It is for this reason that Viewsafe has developed the CO2 Emergency Maintenance Slide in conjunction with the Viewsafe system.

Should an electrical fire result from equipment failure, the CO2 Emergency Maintenance Slide can give the user immediate CO2 access into the electrical panel. No longer is there the requirement to isolate the panel – eradicating the opportunity for the fire to escalate into something more serious.

The patented Viewsafe design ensures that no further oxygen can enter the panel once the CO2 Emergency Maintenance Slide is put into place. Thus, if an electrical fire has occurred, it cannot intensify and remains contained within the electrical panel.

This method also ensures the user safety by disallowing a direct line of exposure to the electrical failure, which would occur if an electrical panel cover had to be removed.

CO2 Emergency Demonstration

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